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This blog is for We the People. This is place where together we can change our Government and make it work for us instead of the special interests. We can discuss different ways to hold our Government accountable and keep it working for the people the way our Founding Fathers envisioned. We have to stay informed so we don?t end up where we were before Donald Trump was elected. We can have a place where we can publicly shame our Congress to make sure they hold true to the oath of office. Along with any other public servants. We will do what the media refused to do. Hold our Government accountable. We can hold the media accountable too.

If you are tired of Government being unaccountable this is the place for you. When our elected officials take the oath of office they swear to protect the American citizens from harm from foreign and domestic. When they add something to a bill that is good for his/hers donor instead of their constituents they committed treason and should be held accountable. They should not be able to hide their favors for their donors in a bill either. We should know who put what in a bill and why. They should be able to defend publicly what they put in a bill.

The ?Shush Fund? we recently learned about should be public knowledge. It is our money these unfit for office people use to pay for their sins. Why? They should have open campaign books. We should know who is giving them money and where they are from. The secrecy should not be allowed. We do pay them, that means they work for us. With petitions we can force Congress to comply with the requests of their employer.

Together we can help President Trump clean up the corruption in Washington and then we can tell the other Countries that if you want to do business in America you have to clean up their houses too. We have to clean our house so we can make America the shinning beacon on the hill again.

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