The rebirth of America

November 8th 2016 the day America was reborn. We the People took our Country back from the corrupt political class that has allowed the taxpayers to be swindled out of our wealth and opportunities. The day the heart of soul of America stood up in one voice and say we are not going to take it anymore. The day the media and the political establishment couldn?t accept the fact that the American People did not want Clinton in the Whitehouse along with Slick Willy. The day America and the World were set on a new and different geopolitical realignment.

From the birth of America our Founding Fathers wanted a Country that the Government worked in the best interest of the Country and the People they governed. Originally our Congress was set up to have people work for the interest of the community and the Country. Do their patriotic duty and work to advance America and make sure the American People were protected from harm.? Now we have career politicians that are nothing more than puppets for the very people and Corporations that we The American People pay to protect us from. America had it?s ups and downs like any other Country but in 1913 under a President Wilson and the Congress during a lame duck session in December sold their souls and allowed for the Federal Reserve to be formed that went against the Constitution. In the Consitution it states the Government currancy would be printed by the Government back by silver and gold. The Federal Reserve is nothing more than scam that forces tax payers to pay the banks profits. We the taxpayers pay the banks for them to supposedly park their money at the Fed. Why should we have the pay the banks interest on their money? What does the taxpayer receive from this deal?

We have had our good Presidents and bad ones. Nixon was the biggest disgrace of the 20th century. We got an outsider in 1980 named Ronald Reagan. He did some very good things for American and some bad things. The problem with Reagan is that he was already a politician with ties to the political elites. Because of that he was limited on the changes he could make. Things went well until we elected Bush in 1988. That was the start of decline in America. We had a chance in 1992 and 1996 to change course if we had listened and elected Ross Perot. The media and the political elites did everything they could to stop him. When Clinton was elected in 1992 he helped with the destruction of America. First he signed NAFTA?? because he is a Puppet and did what he was told, and then he and Congress lied to the American People and told us it would be good for us. Then in 1998 Clinton signed a bill repeal Glass/Seagal, which was part if the problem that led to the 2008 crash. Another bad thing Clinton did was allow China into the WTO without putting laws in place to protect America. The Congress has just as much blame in this mess as Clinton. Then Congress and Clinton started the wet foot dry foot policy that was a magnet for any Cuban that was willing to make the journey to Florida.

Then Bush Jr. was elected.? In my opinion he was the dumbest puppet we have elected in history. Bush, Cheney and our Congress lied to the American People about weapons of mass destruction that Husain supposedly had. Our entire intelligence agencies failed and lied to the American People. For What? To appease the greedy corrupt part of our Military Establishment.? When Bush said ?They are going to love us for bringing them democracy? How stupid do you have to be to think you are going to change a society that has known only a dictator type regime? They are happy with it because it is all they know. When Bush and his cronies pushed all of Husain?s military elites aside they became angry and I believe that is where ISIS sprang from.? It probably started with the people that were pushed out of power and wanting to gain power and respect and then it morphed into the mess we have now. I blame Bush and our Congress for the mess we have in the Middle East.

Then came Obama. All he did was made things worse in the Middle East.? Obama and Clinton then continued that failed policies of Bush.

On June 15, 2015 Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President. After watching the elected puppets destroy our Country he couldn?t take it any longer. He wanted America to stay the beacon on the hill for his Children and Grandchildren. He knew it would be rough going against a corrupt establishment. He was ready to have the media, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party that didn?t want their gravy train to stop do everything they could to humiliate and destroy the man?s character. He was like rubber, whatever they threw at him bounced off him and stuck to them. He spoke to the people that knew our Government is corrupt and aired his message of how he was going to make the Government work of the people on live television. The media and the establishment started attacking him after he made his announcement and they started twisting his words. I believe that the media is responsible for the amount of unrest that was in our Country during the campaign because of the media twisting his words and it continues today. The election of Donald John Trump was the biggest political upset in America?s history. Watching Trump bring down a corrupt regime to its knees has been a pleasure to watch. The political pundits that give their worthless opinion only talk to the few that listen. I started paying more attention to what was going on with Washington in 2008 when we had the financial crash. I learned who was who and how corrupt our political puppets were. I watched the sausage making that was happening in Washington and it sickened my stomach. I wrote letters to my elected officials but all I would ever receive was a prewritten message that didn?t begin to respond or answer my concerns or questions. When Trump announced his candidacy for President and I started listening to his Messages and knew he understood the problems and how to fix them. This is the first time we have elected a President that owes nothing to anybody except the American People that elected him. That gives him the ability to make the changes that need to be made so he can make Congress do the work that is best for America and the American People. Congress needs to remember their oath of office when they swear to protect the American People from harm from both domestic and foreign. They have failed because they are doing the bidding of the very people and corporations that we the People pay to protect us from. They should be tried for treason as far as I am concerned. Trump showed the political capital he has by slapping the Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan) down and telling him that I won it is my agenda not yours. If I could have gotten Trump?s ear I would have told him to have the people he wants in Congress to be on stage with him and making sure more people turned out the primaries so he could have had the people he will need in Congress to make the changes that need to be made. He was still toying with Paul Ryan after he won the election in an Electoral College landside. The usual pundits that were on the news channels had changed and most of the normal players were left irrelevant. They knew not to cross Trump because they had too many skeletons in their closets and they know Trump would expose them for the piece of garbage they are.

What I believe Trump has the ability to pull off. Since he couldn?t and can?t be bought he has the chance to realign the power structure in America and around the world. When Trump gets the corruption out of our Government we can persuade the other Countries to do the same. You can?t tell a Country or it?s Government to clean up their house when your own house is dirty. Trump has said he will clean up the buerocrocey that wastes billions of dollars of the taxpayer?s money. There too many that cause conflict with each other that a causes waste of time and money. He has seen the problems up front while he learned his way around Washington and the rest of the political puppets around the Country and the world. He played within the laws each Country had and learned who needed an extra prodding to things accomplished. Most of the union bosses as just as corrupt as our elected officials and waste millions of their member?s money on useless political stunts and their own personal life. When Trump was asked how he would start reducing our debt was to get rid of the waste fraud and abuse in our Government. The media laughed at that statement but they won?t be laughing when Trump starts draining the swamp in Washington DC and stops the agencies from wasting our tax dollars. During the Trump rallies he explained how and what he was going to do and how he was going to do when he went to Washington. He called out the media and the political elites that were a couple of the groups that were doing everything in their power to make sure Trump didn?t win but all that did was waste billions of dollars and showed the American People how corrupt our system is.? He had the audacity to call our elected puppets what they are. Corrupt incompetent puppets. We the people already knew they were but we didn?t have a loud enough voice to be able to brake through the noise. I told people I wish I had a platform like Trump to say the things he did. When Trump called our leaders incompetent on live TV was priceless. I am sure there were some members of Congress that squirmed when he said that. Trump was able to say what the American People already knew about elected puppets.

When Trump started winning the elections in the primaries I saw this giant wave of fear in the faces of the political elites that saw their futures in question. Trump was fighting against the media, the establishment Republicans, the establishment Democrats and the Hollywood cartel. They threatened to move to Canada if Trump won but none of them left. What a shame. The hard working Americans wanted the Country to change course before it crashed and burned. If it hadn?t been for Trump?s Courage and Patriotism America wouldn?t be recognizable in a decade. Globalism would have destroyed the once mighty Nation of The United States. The elected puppets in Washington have no Patriotism, they were too happy to do the bidding of the Corporations that filled their pockets. They sold their souls a long time ago. The media that is controlled by five Corporations, that puts the control of the media in too few hands. The media climbed into bed the Corporate America and the corrupt puppets in Washington. Instead of holding our Government accountable they changed the narrative to fit their globalist agenda. They didn?t care that America was turning into a third world Country. A Country thrives when it makes things. This allows for innovation as someone searches for a better way to make products and we continue to grow. Turning America into a service economy only serves the people at the top of the food chain. The rest of us are like rats running around on a cage trying to survive and make a life for ourselves and our families. When Trump won the Republican primary the Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan) made a comment about how needs follow his agenda and Trump told him, I won and it is my agenda not yours. He also put Ryan on a short lease when he said I don?t know Ryan but he better watch out. That is because Trump knows who is corrupt and who isn?t. I enjoyed Trump slapping down the Speaker of the House. That showed the political capital he had and he wasn?t elected yet. Trump?s advantage from the beginning is the fact that he owed nobody anything. The rest of the people who ran against Trump were already puppets to masters. That gave him the freedom to speak his mind without worrying about making a donor upset. They threw everything they could but since they were puppets they were stifled as to what they could say because Donald had the Trump card. One of my favorite moments was when he was on live TV and told the American People how incompetent our elected leaders are. It rolled off of his tongue like it was a natural thing to say. I am sure that sent shivers through the spines of our elected puppets especially after he won the election. November 8th 2016 was the start of the rebirth of America. January 20th 2017 will be the day America is liberated from the corrupt political elites that have been sucking the taxpayers dry for years to fill their coffers. I am naming January 20th 2017 America?s new independence day. The day the corrupt political system was flushed down the toilet and America is reborn. Back to it?s roots where our Government was founded to be representative of the people. Our Government was designed to be held in check by the people. The media was supposed to have our back to keep of Government honest. The media failed to do it?s most basic function which it to keep the public informed about what our Government is doing and who it is working for. If the media had done it?s job we wouldn?t have the problems we do. Instead our elected puppets allowed for Corporate America to drive the agenda that was benefit full for them and not America or the American People. They allowed for the media to be purchased? by the very people that want to turn America into a 3rd world Country. I would like to try our elected puppets for treason. They take an oath of office where they swear to protect America and the American People from harm from foreign and domestic. They have failed by allowing the Corporations to destroy America. We pay them to protect us instead they work for the very people we pay them to protect us from all for campaign contributions. Trump has promised he would turn our current corrupt Government back to a Government of, for and by the people. When gets the corruption out of our Government we can go every other Country and tell them to clean up their house. We can?t tell another Country to clean their house when ours is dirty. Trump has shown the political capital he has by the people who have some to see him at his place, Trump Tower in New York. He has had everything out in the open for everybody to see which is refreshing because usually most things are done in secret behind closed doors away from the American People. We The People knew our corrupt Government was wasting millions of dollars every year for things that don?t do anything to help America or the American People. Now we have a President that will be a great steward of our hard earned money. He will hold our Government accountable to the people.





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