Letter I sent to President Trump right after he won the Republican primaries.

President Donald John Trump,

I have never given any of my hard earned capital to any politician or political organization.? The amount of money wasted to elect the puppets we have in our political offices we have nationwide is ludicrous.? Our elected puppets are supposed to work for the people that pay their salaries, health care and pensions they so proudly gave to themselves. A politician is not supposed to be a career. They have sold their souls years ago when they took the oath of office and swore to protect America and The American People from harm from both foreign and domestic.? They failed on all accounts because they passed or help pass laws that were good for their campaign contributors but bad for America and the American People. I feel most of the people in Washington belong in Guantanamo Cuba for treason. For allowing all of these Countries to take advantage of America and the American People for campaign contributions. For allowing the American People to be poisoned by the greed of Corporate America.? The list goes on.

When you said you wanted to get rid of waste fraud and abuse no one really questioned you much on it. The American People can see all of the waste and fraud in the system. Why can’t Washington? I know you can see it and know where most of it is because you were on the inside for so many years. The K Street Whores are sucking the life out of the American People. My wife Linda Mott worked for NUMC in East Meadow, NY for ten years. She was in accounts receivable and saw firsthand? where the waste and abuses were coming from.? She saw all the money wasted on political appointees. Look at the money Christy wasted on giving his friends and contributors worthless jobs that does nothing for the people of New Jersey. The amount of taxpayer money wasted on committee to say his was not involved in the stupid Brigdegate scandal.

I believe that if you keep doing rallies and find people that will work with you in the House and Senate you will have the political capital to make the changes that need to made to our Country. Go to the districts where the people you want are running and have a rally with those people. Make sure the people that come to the rallies go and vote in the primaries. I will cost a lot less than running stupid ads on TV and radio. The American People are sick and tired of watching the stupid political ads where each ones shows how dishonest and corrupt the other person is. Who wants to vote. I want to know why they are not in Jail. For the life of me I can’t understand how anyone could vote for Clintoon. She wasn’t wanted in 2008, what makes her and the media think the American People want her now? The political commentators who really only talk to 10 percent of the people are so far off base it isn ‘t funny. I would invest in The Right Side Broadcast Network. Have you own crew their so they can take more accurate pictures and they can interview people to go to the rallies. Take it to the people. Cut out the media that only cares about profits.

I believe that you? have an opportunity to write America’s future.

Because you belong to no one but the American People you have the opportunity to change laws that only help the few.

You can start with Hemp. Think of the amount of trees that will not be wasted of paper alone. Use the trees for building things. I signed a petition to stop cutting down the trees for power. Instead they could grow hemp, burn it for power and the plants will produce oxygen and help clean the air from the power you are creating. I understand everything is about energy and what it cost to produce it for the world to keep moving. There has to be a better way to create energy without doing so much damage to our air and water. Hemp can replace cotton. It takes five acres of cotton for what you can do with one acre of hemp. You can do your research on Hemp but believe m e there are many uses for Hemp. The lobbyist keep it off the market to protect their interests. Allowing Hemp to be used and studied will change the power structure in this Country and around the world. Allowing Hemp’s cousin Marijuana used and studied will change the power structure too. The Pharmaceutical industry along with the liquor industry. The Pharmaceutical? industry cannot get a patent on it. I know you met with most of the biggest lobbyists and I am sure you know that you have the upper hand. You didn’t take any of their money, you don’t have to take any of their money either. You have the American People behind you which is more important.

I am sure you know you have pissed off some powerful people. You will piss them off more in the future.? I wish I had a platform that I could say some of the things you say. The political elite are shivering in their boots.
Be Careful.

David Burnham

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