President Donald J Trump

America needs to heal. I have been a supporter since you came down the escalator and announced your candidacy. I listened to your speeches on the campaign trail and knew when you became President you would be able to restore America to her place as the Shiny Beacon on the Hill. Since you were elected beholden to only the American People that worked hard to get you elected and the people that voted for you with the hope of keeping America, America for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. This was one of the reasons people voted for you. We knew America was heading towards becoming just another third world country. In an interview McConnell said if we make America bad enough they won’t come. What a lousy way to look at America coming from what is supposed to be the leader of the Senate. We know the forces that you are fighting and what is at stake if you don’t succeed. Following the narrative the last three years from the establishment politicians, both Democrats and RINOs, and the media has convinced us that the forces you are fighting are within the Whitehouse walls and don’t have the best interests for America and the American People. Our elected puppets tell us to contact them with our concerns and questions but when we contact they either don’t respond or if they do is some BS rhetoric that has nothing to do with the questions and concerns. We know the politicians are working in the best interests of people that are filling their campaign coffers. We are not stupid. America is being torn apart by the forces that don’t want to lose power and be held accountable. You are holding four aces in your hand in it’s time to play them. We know their names and what they did. Why did your endorse Romney? He is another Flake which we don’t need in the Senate.

President Trump it’s time to show the cards for the sake of America. Your SOTU speech on February 5th, 2019 was a good start to show the people who our enemies are and what they have planned. There is at least one person that has your ear that is lying to you or misleading you in ways that your instincts tell you what is right. We watch the politicians lie while refusing to hold their own accountable for their bad behavior. Since you have the ability to declassify the FISAs and other documents that Devin Nunes and other people in the Freedom Caucus wing of the Republican Party are asking for, declassify and let the cards fall where they do. Devin Nunes stated once that you are either part of the problems are you will be part of the solutions, meaning either you are part of the corrupt establishment or be part of the new Government. The time has come for you to play the Trump Card which is the four aces you are holding in your hands with documents that the DOJ and FBI that they won’t release unredacted. These documents name the bad players in this Witch Hunt that has America unsettled. When you declassify these documents and the people that betrayed America are held accountable and jailed. America will be able to start healing. When we chanted “Lock Her Up” we were NOT joking. It goes well beyond Hillary too. From the beginning the establishment went after General Flynn. The person that leaked that information should have been exposed a long time ago. General Flynn should be cleared of all charges and be in the Whitehouse where he belongs. What we have learned about the top officials of both the FBI and DOJ and the shame they caused by trying to pull a scam of collusion between you and Russia has caused unintentional geo political problems. I have come up with two reason why you haven’t pulled the Trump Card to stop this nonsense. One, someone that has your ear is giving you bad advice. Second is you are waiting for a confirmation about something to close the deal and hold the bad actors accountable.

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