Why term limits sound good but is really bad for America

Our Constitution gives us term limits for our elected officials, It is called voting. We have the power to throw out the bums every two, four and six years. If the person elected is not doing their job they have to be primaried for someone who will. We don’t have to be involved but we do have to be informed. The MSM media will NOT help us, we have to do research on who is running in your area and their positions. There are sources to find the information the media won’t give you. Voting is our civic duty as Americans. We elect people that will do their Public Service to help his/hers district and state and most important America. .

I started paying closer attention from 2007 when people like the Koch brothers were spending money on taking control of state houses in hope of taking the Whitehouse with one of the lackeys like Scott Walker. They took over the organic “Tea Party Movement” and used it too effectively get the people they preferred to be elected. This brought in what is called the Freedom Caucus which is one of the few honest Congress members we have that want to restore the Government to the people. The “Tea Party” type groups have been the ones pushing term limits along with a balanced budget. Some on the ideas they are pushing are extreme but they were trying to get power returned to the States (Article ten of the Constitution) which would work to reduce the size and scope of our Government. Over time they would recruit a lineup of people that will be owned by them, That would allow them to establish a hub too hold power by the powers to be. By the time we woke up and figure it out, it will be too late. I have an article as to how we got here. http://blogwethepeople.com/2018/06/05/we-have-the-government-we-deserve/. This is another article I wrote about the collapse of our political systems. http://blogwethepeople.com/2018/03/24/the-collapse-of-americas-political-system-and-america/. I also offer ways to fix our mistakes and never let this happen again.

Thanks to President Trump we have the opportunity to fix our mistakes and keep America, America for future generations. We the People, by we, I mean every God fearing American loving, that work hard, pays our taxes and expects Government to protect us. That is the main reason for Government. To protect its citizens from harm from both foreign and domestic enemies.

At first term limits would work.. Then special interest groups would start building an army of puppets to promote up the line as they earn it by making the special interest groups happy. The media will be complacent with the sham too. While social media will help us stay informed or you can get involved if you have the desire, you can also run for office. We can never let the special interest groups make back room deals to enrich themselves and friends along with the complacent media that would try to destroy America again!

David Burnham

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