Attention Media,

I have included proof of a criminal conspiracy in this package that you are receiving. The evidence is from Dr David Martin. He has spent years working with patents and the movement of tax payer’s money that funded this bio weapon we are dealing with called COVID19. Also included is the ingredients of what is in the jabs by their own patents paid for by the US taxpayer. The media is supposed to be the fourth leg of country that is why “Freedom of the Press”  given is to hold the government and the guilty parties accountable to your readers, which for the most part is the American People. When you Lie and push Propaganda on the world with the lies that you know are lies makes you pretty evil in my book. The governments and media around the world have been spewing the same BS story for almost a year and knew about it for many years. You know the Jabs are poisonous but you push for people to get Jabbed, Why??? Worse you lie to the citizens about the jab and they children are permanently injured their child or the die. How long are you going to lie? You know have blood on your hands by lying about the therapeutics that would have solved this problem in March to April of 2020.  The problem is that the media got in bed with the very people they were supposed to hold accountable and joined them. You know there is child trafficking but you do nothing to expose it so it can stop and make an example of the Pedophiles that abuse our children. You have the biggest megaphone and if you keep pushing the lies, then you are either part of the problem or do you want to help fix it. Remember that during the Nuremberg trials the media was hung as well for lies to their citizens.   

David Burnham

This is a link to a presentation given bt Dr David Martin and has four links to the documents Dr David Martin with evidence and the receipts for crimes against Humanity done by our government in collusion with the media hiding the crimes because they are involved.

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