What is it going to take to rebuild the American Political system? Which in turn will rebuild America.

First of all we have to figure how we got here. The simple fact is we got complacent and lazy. The way to fix it is for people to stay informed on who is running for office and his/her record and statements and accomplishments. The media is not going to help us either. Without paying attention and being informed the primaries would come and go then the elections come and we are stuck voting for twiddle dee or twiddle dumb. On average only about ten percent of the registered voters vote in the primaries. With social media and the internet we can easily find out about who is running in our area. It doesn’t require massive amount of time either. It takes the will to care about your Country and community more than yourself.

What it will take to restore our political system, which in turn will fix America, is to stay informed. You don?t have to be obsessed but some research and having a place to find out who is doing their job and deserves to stay and those that don?t. Instead of having the 501c pacs, we have groups of caring Americans that keeps track of the politician to make sure they are being public servants and not special interests servants. This would help keep the lobbyist from being able to control the politicians. This way as we rebuild the heartland of America, as manufacturing returns we build a system that encourages companies to expand and make sure they help train the people that will be needed for the future. This helps in two ways, one the building of products creates ingenuity to create better or new products which helps the communities to survive and prosper. Two, with the community prospering the velocity of money stays within our boarders which enriches Americans. This is how it was before NAFTA.

When Reagan became President he did some good things and some bad. In the last couple of years of his lame duck President the power to be wanted to turn America into part of a globalist society. They were happy turning America into a 3rd world country. They started with the gains that Reagan started and hijacked them. (my opinion, Reagan was a politician before he was elected President and was accepted by the political elites. The political elites including Reagan never accepted Trump into their club). They political elites changed the culture on Wall Street to more interested in the shareholders than the workers. They started the drafting of NAFTA which was the start of the political elites wanting to flush America and the idea of America down the toilet. Then they allowed China into the World Trade Organization without ways in place to hold them accountable. Then they wanted to the TPP Trans Pacific Partnership or as I call it ?Toilet Paper Proposition? would have finished flushing America down the toilet that started ?swirling from NAFTA. Thank God for a man named Donald John Trump. A man that could of enjoyed his senior years making deals and raising his family very comfortably with some what respect from the media .He told the 501c pacs that if they did anything that would damage his company or image of company he would own them. That made them pretty much worthless which is why the commercials weren?t filled with which candidate was more corrupt. With corporate America, and the help of our corrupt inept Congress, only worried about profits at any cost allowed them to manufacture products somewhere overseas and import the products cheaper than they could because of many different factors.

With the signing of NAFTA, America started down the path of the being a service industry instead of a Manufacturing industry. As the transformation happened many bad things happened. Corporate American pulled funds needed to educate our citizens for the job force that will be needed for America to survive and prosper, along with the corrupt unions and the environmentalist movement. Corporate America became short term profits driven greedy multi corporate businesses that expanded and strong armed some mergers and buy up the competition. Wal-Mart and Home Depot were the start of the devastation to the heart of America which is the small businesses across America. As Corporate America expanded the small business declined. What is the worst part for me is the corporations that profited the most from the Country that allowed them opportunities to prosper. They hide their profits in off shore accounts to avoid showing the amount of profits the corporations make and then complain about paying their fair share of using the natural resources and what it takes to upkeep the resources that allow them the opportunities for the profits they make. Instead they pay lobbyist to wine and dine our elected officials in order to have laws and regulations written in their favor. We have the Congress we Deserve! Because we became complacent! The politicians have become more corrupt, the media crawled more in bed with the politicians and the political elites. Then you add the Hollywood bunch that thinks they are better than anybody else because they believe and lie for a living. Throw themselves awards to pat themselves on the back. When the Deplorables elected Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States we now have a chance to return America to her greatness and being the shiny beacon of hope for everyone who wants to live free of tyranny. When Donald Trump started his campaign he said his main reason for running for President was to keep America and the American idea alive for his kids and grandkids and the American people.


Time to replace our current political class and replace them with patriotic Americans that want to do what is best for their community and America. It starts by being informed and getting involved in our elections.The primaires are our opportunity to replace the puppets we have now we true public servants that will work with the President and actually hold up their oaths of office. I know there are plenty of patriotic Americans that want to due their partiotic duty but the media and the establishment do everything in their power to destroy you before your voice can be heard. With the use of Twitter or other social media platform we can bypass the media and the political elites that want to control the story line. We can stay informed and involved to make sure the people we elect are actually doing what we elected them to do. We can hold them accountable and expose the things like the ?Sush Fund? that the puppets we elected used to coverup their misdeads while using taxpayer money to pay for it should not be allowed and anybody that has or had their hands in this scheme should resign in disgrace. You won?t have to be spend all of your days and nights keeping up but you can put aside a couple of hours a week to keep up on what is happening. We need to get the wealthy donors that normally donate to the RNC or GOP to stop and invest their money in a new media outlet. Right now it six to one. That is not giving the American People real honest reporting on what matters to the majority of Americans. When the media ?live and run in the same crowd they lose touch with reality.They lose touch of what makes America great and what everyday Americans do and care about in their daily lives. If you live in downtown Manhattan, DC or one the large liberal cities in California you live in a Virtual Reality World that you have created. It is not Reality.

With the start of NAFTA as factories closed up moved opperations overseas to create better profits for the shareholders, the community suffers. The business was the anchor for the community and when they left the people that had the finacial means to move did and the ones that didn?t watch as their community turns into crime ridden neighborhoods filled with blite. This led into the opiod problem we have. As opportunities vanished people lose hope and used them for an escape. Addiction is bad and the eighteen percent that get addicted have an addiction problem before. Education is the best remedy for our ills. Over the next couple of years as we vote the establisment politicans that robbed the taxpayers of trillions of dollars, and should be tried for treason in? my opinion out of office. As we rebuild America we will have an opportunty to prepair America for the 21st Century and beyond.

David Burnham






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