Vice President Mike Pence and the RNC:

The enclosed check to match Michael R. Pence?s check can be cashed only if #RINOMcConnell is replaced as Senate Leader. He is working against the very people he took an oath of office to protect. We The People are sick and tired of the bills be written behind closed doors with McConnell, Schumer, Ryan and Pelosi along with the K Street Whores. We the taxpayers get hosed to satisfy the special interest?s desires that our incompetent elected puppets do the bidding for their contributors instead of America.

Starting in 2005-2006 I started reading and listening to the political and economical pundits and learned they are way out of touch with the everyday American. The supposed experts were clueless too. I read from local politics to geopolitical to understand what made the world tick and why America was circling the toilet. What I learned was reprehensible and when I contacted my representative the only thing I ever received was some stupid rhetoric response that didn?t even pertain to why I contacted them. When the politicians talk everything is in empty rhetoric that is nothing but sound bites. They never really answer a question either. I have listened to the rhetoric from both sides and my conclusion is that so called Public Servants are not Public Servants but instead they are Special Interests Servants. Which in my opinion is treasonous and they should be held accountable. Back in our beginning days we would have tarred and feathered them. The media doesn?t do its job either. They climbed into bed with both Washington and Hollywood. At that point they no longer held our elected officials accountable. Instead they go to parties together and laugh about it because our elected puppets allowed the concentration of media to being owned by four Corporations. I have a nasty letter I have sent to many politicians asking me for a political donation. President Trump received my first political donation ever after he won the primaries along with a letter of how he could change the world. .

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make and rebuild America better than she has ever been. It starts with voting out the career politicians in the primaries. The establishment wants to protect its power so it doesn?t want real challengers, so they make it difficult for a Patriotic American Citizen, that wants to do his/her public duty for America and work to make her better, to get elected. We are sick and tired of the elected establishment puppets working for Wall Street and the other K Street Whores that fill their campaign coffers. At that point the everyday American is left out of the equation.

We also want #RINORyan replaced as Speaker of the House ASAP. We would like to see the hero Jim Jordan elected as Speaker. There are millions of Americans that feel the same way I do. When Ryan and company allowed for the amount of cash that was flown to Iran in the middle of the night should have had Ryan jumping up and down on how this happened. Isn?t the House in charge of the checkbook? Who authorized this amount of CASH to be transferred? Why aren?t people in jail for this? Why isn?t someone in jail for the illegal leak of General Flynn?s conversation? Because of the RINOs like Ryan and McConnell that are neck deep in the swamp and sold their souls a long time ago. Them along with the Chamber of Commerce were working to make America just another 3rd world country. I read an article where McConnell?s answer for immigration was to make America bad enough so they wouldn?t want to come.

There are millions of Americans that feel the same way I do and want our elected officials to work for us instead of special interests.

David Burnham


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