Who Me?????

Who am I????

Governor Ron DeSantis,

Which are you? Are you an America First Governor or are you hiding a “RINO Puppet” inside? You have been holding your own with the media and the communist activist but you need to draw a line in the sand if your want to be re-elected in 2022 or ever desire to be President. You know the vaccines that are being injected now are poison and will kill people right? But you stand there and state that people should inject themselves with this experimental vaccine where the America People and people around the world are being used as Guinea Pigs? I am sure you know what the Nuremberg Code is right? By advising people to inject themselves with this “experimental vaccine” can lead to your indictment for “Crimes against humanity” in the Nuremberg trials that are starting now?” I didn’t know” won’t be an excuse. That makes you either “intelligently stupid”, “intelligently dishonest” or just lying. Which is it? I am sure you know the first round of shots were placebos right? I am glad that the house and senate produced a bill to ban vaccine passports, that is a good start. You signed S.B. 2006 which allows for the ” Health Department” to call for a public emergency which means they can over ride the BS law you signed.

Second we need to discuss the 2020 elections and how Florida needs to a complete forensic  audit of our elections just like Arizona is doing. You know Broward county uses the ES&S software in the so called tabulation machines right? You do know Broward county is a cesspool of corruption and worse? You need to either go or have a representative at the symposium held by Mike Lindell.

If  you want to be re-elected in 2022 or have any aspirations to be President you have to call out the RINOs in the house and senate that sold us out and probably lied or misinformed you about the real content of the bill. Either way this needs to be fixed ASAP!!! We will primary every one of them and elect real America First candidates that want to make Florida Greater.

So the Question is: Are you a Real America First Governor or RINO (Puppet)  Governor?? Talk is Cheap and you will be judged by your actions.

David Burnham

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