Governor Ron DeSantis,

The enclosed package is evidence of a Criminal Conspiracy between  our government and the pharmacy industry. The evidence is from Dr David Martin who has all of the receipts through his research on and has the patents to prove what they did. They even had the audacity to publish on the NIH website the statement in 2015 that with the help of the media they could coerce people to take the poison and the investors would be happy in the end.  The attached is the actual quote. evidence 1.png   


I am hoping you will take the necessary steps to stop them from poisoning people through this experiment jabs. Do you know that when they tried this in 2004 (I think) the ferrets they used for test subjects all died?? Our government is working hand in hand with the pharmaceutical industry to Kill us? You now have the information to stop this insanity before it is too late. I also mailed this information to AG Moody hoping she will press charges against these criminals. The Floridians and world citizens will be extremely grateful.    

David Burnham

I await your response.

This is a link to a presentation given bt Dr David Martin and has four links to the documents Dr David Martin with evidence and the receipts for crimes against Humanity done by our government in collusion with the media hiding the crimes because they are involved.

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